It seems the world is filled with words of hate these days…it’s like they’re floating in the air

and we can’t help but bump into them…and hear them everywhere.


It doesn’t matter where we live…in the north, east, west…or south…

Why words of hate are even spewing from our own president’s mouth!


But the moment we think words of hate are winning…that, perhaps, they’ll never end.

Is the moment I say…don’t be fooled!…by words of hate, my friends.


How many times have you said ‘I love you’…to your friends…your family

I’m guessing you have lost count…because you say ‘I love you’ endlessly.


When a friend or relative calls…it can your brighten up your day

It can change your manner and your tone…

and what are the last three words you say to them before hanging up the phone?


If you happen to write a love letter…(Hey, some of us still do!)

You don’t end it with words of hate…you end with P. S. I Love You.


Do not give up on words of love, do not grieve their death, don’t mourn…

Remember ‘I love you’ are the first words spoken after a baby has been born.


And when you stop to think about it…why…do you surmise...
'I love you' are the last words uttered before a person dies?


Could it be we’ve come to understand how words of love endear…

and that is why they are the first and last words we want someone to hear?


Words of hate are not more prevalent than words of love

no, near as I can tell

the big difference is when people use them they tend to scream and yell…


So I say let’s not give up on words of love…

let’s use them even more

with one small modification…


Let’s say them louder than we ever have before!

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I hear words of hope from our president.