Our grandson wanted to learn about fishing…so on a sunny day in July

with a pole he found in the back of a closet we thought we’d give it a try.


With shrimp for bait and his dad, his Nana and me to cheer

we drove down to our marina and walked out on the pier.


We baited his hook, he cast it out…and with the ocean breeze acting like a fan

he was poised to catch his fish…but the fish had other plans.


They must have known he was a rookie…they certainly knew the routine

because they kept feasting on the shrimp and his hook kept coming back clean.


Eventually, with a little luck, he was able to land his fish! 

We all cheered and took his picture at the fulfilling of his wish.


As we basked in his wonderful moment…and to the water the fish returned

I thought of all the lessons, from fishing, that can be learned…


Like how if you want to reach a target…

accomplish a goal you have set

sometimes you’re going to get your hands dirty

sometimes you’re going to get a little wet. 


Like how you might realize along the way

you’re not as smart as all the fishes…

But if you prepare yourself and have the patience

you can still fulfill your wishes.


Like how you won’t win every battle

but never to feel dejected or distressed

because when you do win, 

when you catch that fish

you will relish in your success.


Finally, and perhaps most important, when your surrounded by family

you learn how wonderful, how awesome…how beautiful life can be.


How any moment with family can be inspiring and exciting

Like standing together on a pier


even when the fish aren’t biting.

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