She is our first cousin’s daughter’s daughter which genealogically proves

that she is our first cousin…wait…first cousin twice removed.


And she is sick…we don’t know with what…we just became aware

when her mother, our first cousin once removed, asked us to send prayers.


Prayers to help her now…and prayers to see her through

Which we did, of course we did, and which we’ll always do


You see it matters not how may times she’s removed…one or two or three

because no matter the number or the count…she is family.


And it matters not where we are…anywhere from coast to coast

family comes together when we are needed most.


And so we’re sending love her way…upon the wind…and through the air

Love floating to her on the breeze in the form of thoughts and prayers…


But I got to thinking…aren’t we all cousins…removed…speaking genealogically 

and wouldn’t that make us all related…part of the same family?


So if our prayers as they float to her… decide to pause a spell

at the houses of other family members who might need them as well…


I’m sure her mother…once…and our cousin twice removed…

would pause wherever they’re at…

smile and whisper to each other


“we’re OK with that.”

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