Last night we had a cookout…it didn’t take much skill

with some family and a friend…we threw some hot dogs on the grill.


We talked of many things…as we ate our hog dogs…charred

then sat around a campfire we lit in our backyard.


As the embers roared…we cooked marshmallows and made and ate s’mores

It wasn’t any different than we’d done a thousand times before…


And I wondered how Fate has given us this night…this wonderful little slice

where everything is perfect…could this be paradise?


And when the evening ended…the fire was out…we said good night

we lingered for a moment..in the aura of moonlight.


And I looked up and thanked the heavens…for this evening I was graced

If not with paradise’s entire meal…at least a little taste.


And as our family and friend waved goodbye and faded slowly out of view


I realized…every now and then…a little taste will do

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