350,000 REASONS

Each day around the world over 350,000 babies are born 

or so the statisticians say

350,000 babies…welcomed into our world each day.


350,000 first time parents..who are excited (but don’t have clue!)

as are their grandparents, aunts and uncles…brothers and sisters too.


350,000 reasons to smile…reason for families across the world to beam.

350,000 reasons for those families to cherish…to hope…to wonder…to dream.


350,000 reasons to ponder how so many of our lives interweave.

350,000 reasons to trust in the universe…to  marvel…to admire… to believe.


350,000 reasons to delight in a day with so much happiness in store


and to be enchanted by the fact that…tomorrow…they’ll be 350,000 reasons more.

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That's A Big Nursery

May each of them find a place for happiness - slc