We would exchange greetings…but only for a moment

as we pass on our walk every day.

We could tell she’s a little older than us, 

her hair is white…while ours is a little bit grey


The other morning after years of passing by

trading a wave, a nod and a smile.

we decided to get to know her…

so we stopped and talked for awhile.


We talked about life and children.

She told stories from her past.

She was happy to talk…we were happy to listen

and the time seemed to fly by so fast.


We found out many things about her…

so many big things in a little while

and somewhere in the stories she told 

we found the reason for her smile.


Now when we run into each other

on our early morning walks

sometimes we wave and smile…

other times we talk.


Which makes me wonder wouldn’t the world be a happier place

If somewhere along the way

more people would stop and take the time

to know the people they pass every day.




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