Fog enveloped us this morning…it was a beautiful sight to see

as it blanketed the mountain…the cabin and the trees.


I remembered back to when I was a child…when I first saw fog..and I…

thought fog was just a bunch of clouds that had fallen from the sky.


I didn’t know the science then…it’d be years till I was told…

I thought it was only Mother Nature…breathing in the cold.


Back then I didn’t take notice how it cloaked the ground, the ponds, the logs

Back then I didn’t understand there was beauty in the fog.


Now I know the pleasure of playing in the sun

Of counting stars in the evening sky once the day is done.


Of dancing in the rain…of listening to the frogs…

Of feeling the mist upon my face while walking in the fog.


I’ve learned there’s beauty in the silence…in ways we cannot see

In the fog, the rocks, the clouds, the sky…the flowers and the trees.


Fog reminds me life is ephemeral…when surrounded at the break of the day

I know, if I wait long enough…the fog will fade away.


And when it lifts there is no telling the wonders I will feel

As I see waiting under…the colors she reveals.


Today when I look out on a morning and I see fog…I sigh


For once again I’m happy the clouds have fallen from the sky…

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How Joyous

The presentment that clouds have fallen. Enjoyed - Lady A -