I stop and hear a faint cry for help.
I start to run.
My feet hit the ground.
It gets louder.
I stop to find the direction it comes from.
I run again, feet thumpin the sidewalk.
Louder and louder it gets.
Im gettin closer.
I can hear it.
Its right around the corner.
I stop I look.
All I see is a girl cryin.
I go to her.
She starts to run away.
I run after her.
She keeps gettin further and further away.
I stop to take a breath.
I look up.
Shes gone.
I start to wonder.
Was there a girl or was I chasin a dream?
A dream of a girl.
A girl I thought I could comfort.
Stop her from cryin.
Now she is gone.
So I start to run.
My feet hit the ground.
Nothin is in front of me.
Im chasin a dream.
Nothing can defy me.
Im chasing a dream.
Of a girl I thought was there.
I lost her.
From the moment I saw her.
She hit the ground.

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