Marilyn Monroe

People will always call you the blonde bombshell
with cherry red lips that smiled with so much passion
those pretty blue eyes still capture the hearts of so many
 the way you walked and moved will always be in fashion

Your  journey was filled with both happiness and tears
but the sunny memories of you outshine the sorrow
you left us with a legend that will always shine bright
just wish life could of gave you one more tomorrow
John Gabriel ©

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Thoughts Provoked

...could of GIVEN you... marilyn monroe - If it tried to walk and move like that, I'd break leg and hip bones and my lips and face would be red. Tribute to a woman who was a portrait of someones def of beauty. A milestone, a page in history written in hollywood by a publicist and a photo marketer. But the voice when she sang "Mr. President" is a day that will live in infamy.


Lady A