A million ways in which we fall.

Some falls large, others small.


So why in light of my demise,

Does this one fall not seem so wise.


Steps have been a daily routine.

But the step I crave is one unclean.


Too much thought up in my head,

has me on the ledge, and not in my bed.


Brought from loss, brought from love.

Hoping I won't fly to the great above.


This step is crucial in my plan.

Do humans crush just like a can?


It wouldn't matter in the end.

Just praying for a lethal bend.


End my pain, end my sorrow.

The love I lost was just for borrow.


In a world so cold, a world so cruel.

It's either this or to kick out the stool.


Just count to three and close your eyes.

You're just another fool who dies.


I can't believe I was enough for you.

For if I was, our love would still be true.


So feet just give me this one last fall.

I've waited so long to not feel at all.













Author's Notes/Comments: 

It is not about the pot of gold. It is about finding someone who will follow you to the end of a rainbow.

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trot's picture

Your poem

I like it! Nice work and new at it too! ;)

hopelessly-candid's picture

wow.... just wow.... that was

wow.... just wow.... that was pretty damn amazing

JoeyTrotts's picture

Why thank you. I'm happy to

Why thank you. I'm happy to see people enjoying my poetry. Kinda only thought to write them to get some stuff off my mind, but I'd never turn away a compliment.