Oh, how I've missed you,

you sweet, sweet tears.

Why did you leave me all alone?


Oh, how I've craved you,

you ever soft tears.

Was I not worthy of your soothing carress?


Oh, how I've lied to you

you forgiving tears.

How could I imagine a life without your company?


Oh, how I've mistaken you,

you burning tears.

What could I  be without your reminder of emotion?


Oh, how I've fulfilled you,

you lethal tears.

Who could resist your gentle touch of death?


Oh, how I've accepted you,

you bitter tears.

Have I not paid the price of my sins?


Oh, how I've felt you,

you deceiving tears.

Does my heart still beat?


Oh, how I've missed you,

you sweet, sweet tears.

Will you be the last to touch my longing lips?


Oh, how I love you,

you intangible light.

Can I join you now among the sky?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I can't tell if this life has ended or just begun.

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Welcome To Postpoems

Hey Long Island, your first post was interesting. Encore - Lady A



JoeyTrotts's picture

I'm glad you found it

I'm glad you found it interesting. You got a couple encore poems out of me. Let me know what you think about them! ~J. Trotta

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The wonderful tears that remind me everyday that I'm not a sociopath 

Oh fancy tears I thank you for if you weren't there my doctors would tell me I'm crazy 


Bad Things Don't Happen 

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Maybe the doctors are crazy

Maybe the doctors are crazy and you're just too much of a genius for them to comprehend. You never know.