You, We Me

Darling Daughter

Shy little girl

Mom’s pearl

Dad’s pet

Grandparents’ heart



Adorable daughter

Loveable doll

Dearest grandchild

Reach her goal

Know well how to cast a spell.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Schooled, Time on way
Hardships bear
Into the future leap
Struggle paths, adversity rout.
Precious little girl Mom’s pearl
Dad’s sweetheart Grandparents fate
Mollycoddle! Hope world, treats her well
Bestow dignity compassionate respectable.
Deep in conscience, lingers Queen of Hearts.
Why the pure and dainty, are nailed to noughts?

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rosalind's picture

Great good wish for a growing toddler, should be backed up with heartfelt and fervent prayers in a changing world.