Virginia Shots


Strategic shots

Spring strange.

Spiders crawl

Cobwebs hang.

Spring attend

Inflict wounds.

Resident alien

Virginia Takes

Technical University

Blacksburg torments

Bang and pound

Unclear mind

Spring swings.

Pang death.

Mystery shroud

Hold breath.

Gun gimmick

Puzzle world.

Spring global news

Skip, pounce bounds.

Thanks -- lot of companies

Advertise products. Congrats!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The advertisements that follow the university tragedy in news and views bring sick thoughts...

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Bryan Adam Tomimbang's picture

To sell, sell, sell... Hating ads when something serious such as this is in line.

Since Destroyed's picture

{only the music playing in my ears}

silence, in other words

Since Destroyed

Sharon Wunsch's picture

Why would a bright young person who had his whole life ahead of him do something like that? I wonder what made him snap and if he was targeting a specific person or group. This poem raises many questions.