Eternal Flames Of Love

Like a flame our love burns on,

It waves, flickers, and licks away till dawn,

We have icy flames, and searing flames,

The heat radiates colorful rays,

I can feel our love when we touch,

Your touch is scorching, melting, and lush,

If your love will always be true,

Your flame will burn me through and through,

Our flame puts off a sweet smelling smoke,

As sweet as our love for each other,

This is not like your love for your brother,

Our flame will never disperse or fade away,

The flame will continue to play all day,

This is true love, and it will always stay,

Love is eternal, infinite, like a flame,

Our love ignites and our lust climbs higher,

You are the flint and I am the fire,

Our love will grow even after death,

It will grow stronger with every breath,

Is this an eternal flame of desire?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First draft done between 16 & 18.  Recently redone.

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Joe Ferguson's picture

Interesting. The use of so many cliches almost throws off the whole cliche thing. But heck I use cliche's just as much so I can't say anything. Good use of rythem and I like the line breaks. Good work.