New Year

New year new you they say,

What if I want the me from yesterday

The one before the pain, before the seismic shift

They call it the present because it's supposed to be a gift

But there's no glitter or bow to conceal this lonliness

Just flashes of sunlight reflecting off this broken compass

Time is funny actually, the way we tell it through memories

How we alter and skew them to suit what are we lacking, but long to see

Or how we envision new resolutions that somehow appear possible

When in reality our happiness is more of a concept that's nearer to improbable

Placing it on a shelf just slightly out of reach

Like a worn out encyclopedia  too old and dusty to still teach

We longingly look back at photos through some distorted lens

And lyrics from sad songs are stuck on repeat, playing over and over again 

To be or not to be was the question we once sung

When in reality it should have been, To grow old perchance, or hopefully die young 

Because now the clock and calendar cast light on all  that we have lost

And no promise made in this new year can repay that high of cost

I had my chance once, but now my time is fading fast

And despite my fight, I can't return, to live in what has past

Now, I cringe when I hear, new year new you, and cry at those were the days 

Because those eight words become more than just some overused cliches

They morph into mantras that deceive us into false hope

That we grasp on and cling to, and pathetically we grope

But no rose tinted memories or unrealistic daydreams can send this pain away

Because I've lost you, I've lost me, and now all I'm left with is today

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sometimes memories is all we

sometimes memories is all we have,to go back to yesterday we would go back in time


ron parrish