Life In Black...

you are there

standing in the center

of their darkness

watching them while

theyre fast becoming

fragile pillars of

what you once thought

was your protective


it has become

unbearably punishing

but youre holding on

not letting go

not for yourself

but for you

and you know

now youre sheddding tears

for a while i thought

you were giving in to defeat

but then i saw you

saturate their

burning spirits with it

a desperate need to bring

back the years but

we both can see that

its all coming in vain

so they cheat

for desire kills

the arrival of

what is sane

and still

you are you

another effigy of

strength that ive found

determined to stay to fight

determined to live as a lesson

and be a candle that

touches lives lived

in the blackness of

the night...

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abi's picture

i really like this poem u wrote for me... thanks... even the title was befitting...

i dunno watelse to say... just thanks