Logic 101, And The Presidential Election Of 2020

If one believes, as I devoutly do, in Christ, and the absolute sovereignty of His, and His Father's, Will, then the results of the election must be accepted in good faith as an expression of the Divine Choice; because, in any election, only the Divine Will actual determines the outcome.  Like Lincoln in his cabinet, God in His Universe constitutes an overwhelming majority of One, and reserves to Himself both the first and final say as to how events transpire, and how conditions in our world must be.

   I cannot understand the Evangelicals, who praise God, often in unknown tongues, on Sunday, and then lament the state of the world on Monday; especially the recent message, "YOU'RE FIRED! that the electorate soundly and boldly delivered to Innkeeper Trump.  The world, as it is, is still in the keeping and care and executive control of our Sovereign Lord; and to lament the conditions of it is to, at worst, raise blasphemous criticisms toward God; and, at very best (which, in thie situation, is not much on the human part) is to question God in a way that implies faithlessness.  Many Evangelicals can spiritually straddle this fence, and do so routinely:  this is why I have abandoned Evamgelicalism, especially as expressed in sects that originated among clodhoppers and malcontents, and am embracing, instead, the original faith of Christianity, and of His Church He founded, the Eastern Orthodox Church.  When Simib Peter remoinstrated with Christ during His final journey toward Jerusalem and the Death He faced to fulfill His Father's Will for us, Jesus openly rebuked him, even calling him Satan.  Simon Peter was the leader of the disciples, and the Chief of the Apostles; his concern for Jesus' safety is humanly understandable, even laudable, but not at the expense of the fulfillment of God's Sovereign Will.  In that particular incident, Simon Peter opposed God's Will as surely and certainly as the laments of Innkeeper Trump's followers oppose God's Sovereign decision in the 2020 election.

    If one does not believe, a position I cannot conceive of because it offers absolutely no comfort in the face of death, despair, disaster, or human stupidity, then no objective moral standard exists, and Innkeeper Trump therefore cannot represent either Divine Will (if, as the atheists assert, no Divinity exists) or a general morality obligatory on all people.  Morality, in the atheist view, must become relative and relativistic; and no one opinion is more authoritative, credible, or influential than any other.  No real moral authority exists in the atheist world view; the Biblical observation contained in the last verse of the Old Testament's Book Of Judges becomes the soul truth of a Godless society.  The rule of Law, of Morality, of Responsibility than becomes only the most current set of legislation under consideration:  the great historical example of this is the institution of the Supreme Soviest, ostensibly a legislature; in reality merely a weapon of the vanguard Bolshevik Party which dismantled Russian society's Orthodox moralities, and, in doing so, opened the floodgates to Uncle Joe Stalin's show trials of the mid 1930's---in which most of Comrade Lenin's cadre of Bolsheviks were tortured or coerced into false confession of counter-revolution, and then were found guilty and sentenced (that is a majority of them) to execution before a firing gun, or a grinning Stalinist's vodka induced stagger and attempt to fire a handgun into the back of the condemned Bolshevik's head; while, at the same time, the condemned had no God to Whom they could offer a final prayer of repentence and need for comfort in the face of this imposed and patently unfair death.  When the spiritual foundation of Judaeo-Christian belief is removed, piecemeal, then the excesses of Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism, Maoism, Nazism and Fasicm are not only invited but welcomed under the disguise of sociial improvement, usually for "the People's" sake; and "the People" are the first to suffer.  The Christian who supports Innkeeper Trump's weakening, dwindling clutch on the Presidency opposes the Will of God, Who controls every hydrogen atom, every sparrow, and every election---even for dog catcher.  The atheist who attempts to subtract God's Will from the human equation chooses a most dangerous, and largely unpredictable, relativism.  Both positions are dangerous.  They are not evolutionarilty progressive; they are devolutionarily regressive. 

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