The Metaphor Always There?, And What It Is

 . . . it is the matriculating freshman,
taken to campus and left there,
exile from the loves of the preceding summer;


. . . it is the corporate clerk or assistant,
daily departing from home to the office,
and its two signs "Abandon all hope," and "Arbeit macht frei";


 . . . it is the present I gave myself,
not much of a present admittedly:


(but the past is full of accumulating knowledge,
the knowledge of God and His Christ,
a past that has passed into the future---
the present just a transitional conduit---
and I am alive in both tenses).



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Contemplating my first enforced exile, from all I had loved, on September 9, 1976 (tomorrow, forty-two years ago), I realize now I was being given a great metaphor that I have not yet fully explored or deployed in my poems.  

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