Fishing For Stars


From the edge of the cold

windy lake,
you could see the lantern boats
paused over the water
Each one, was paused


a magic fishing hole
where Lady Luck, was thought to be
Excited voices, traversed

the weary mist
and kept you posted, where she was
swimming to
And silhouettes of jubilation, falsely sprung

upon the night
where turn by turn, She would visit

all the magic wells
in sight
And there, by shooting stars confirm
delivered smiles,
While roaring laughs confirmed
the ones, that got away
And wishes lost upon
the stars,
upon a windy day
When no one, caught a thing


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saiom's picture

to fishermen: magic fishing

sorry to get graphic about your beautiful poem

to fishermen: magic fishing holes

to the fishes:



Daniel Moore's picture

I remember this night when we took Eric's boat out on old mill pond that was a night I will never forget and you wrote it so well I still can see it clear us on the pond in that boat... we didn't catch a thing...


kat's picture

I like the way you concentrate your thoughts, instead of too many
unnecessary words. The lake setting of the poem is magical
too. Good job.


Kevin neil Moore's picture

this is magical, being an angler myself and lover of wild life and nature, your poem reminded me of the times ive spent..early morning mists on rivers and lakes etc.
well done.

S74rw4rd's picture

Reminds me very much (and it is as splendid as) Wallace Stevens' great poem, The Idea of Order at Key West.

Starward becoming J-Called