Two photos & A Laminated Christ

He carries three pictures
in his pocket,
His mother, brother and Christ
Two old photographs,
kept between a bible and a crucifix
All worn-out,
from years of fingering
But not the Christ! Oh Jesus

Not the Christ!
The Holy Christ is laminated!

He's never prayed to Christ
He's never even gone to Church
But he's got

two worn-out photographs, and a laminated Christ
In his top left pocket
Because he's afraid
of dying alone.



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Sandy Cowan's picture

I'm an atheist myself, but strangely there's still a certain comfort in the RC upbringing I had. I may not be the carrier of a laminated Christ but the potential's there and you've neatly pointed it out in this poem.


Corina Stirb's picture

Truthfully impressive. A bit of sadness, a bit of irony, a bit of triviality. Our average souls in our average world.

boarster's picture

...and this was always one of my favourites of yours. Glad that both it, and you, had been safely bunkering in other cyber trenches.