Sweet Dragon of Lust

You will come to me,

my Sweet Dragon

Yes, you will come

to me,


You will come,

when your eyes and the moon

are ripe with lust


You will come to me – across the wind

and I will

lift you away, my Sweet Dragon


I will lift you away, to my kingdom in the stars

where the air

is thin

For I have tempted you, Sweet Dragon


I have tempted you, with many sweet promises,
for I am the Merlin, behind

your spell


But I have cast it, from my heart

with love,
only to touch your tender lips, my Sweet Dragon


Yes – to touch your tender lips,

and to have


for this night,


As we dance amid the dappling

in the sultry flames
of fusion


As I lead you, in a trail

of kisses,

light years away, to places unknown
As we dance across

the universe


Lured into my arms and ignited

like a quivering quasar
that tempts the universe, with new light


Our souls ignited and bound in holy union,

my Sweet Dragon


Ignited in holy union, one hand

clasped with yours,
The other, bent with hunger
round your hip


As all the stars begin to shine anew

for us,

Throwing their ravenous light, into the darkest
regions of space,

Where logic has forgot to shine


And not even the great vortices
of black holes,
will have any power against us


For we are beyond – the gravitational pull

of God’s Vortices


For our desire, and our passion
have no mass


To be tamed






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"But I have cast it, from my

"But I have cast it, from my heart
with Love" etheric threads

"As the stars, learn
to shine anew, and throw
their ravenous light, into the darkest" lovely cubed

please keep writing



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Sweet Dragon Of Lust's picture

You have not forgotten me! Or shall I entertain the notion,that you are merely toying with my emotion? No...I must perish the thought of such hurtful imply! But I have fallen through the cracks.Off to the wayside to allow the younger buds to bloom.And that is all well & good as long as I know that I have a place.Any corner of your heart will suffice.And still I smile,for you have let me believe that my words & my affection have made an impression that cannot be easily erased.So as I reaffirm my affection for you,I will simply wait in the wings to have the last dance.For this universe of our own making,does exist.
...if even for a moment
Sweet Dragon Of Lust