"My Biggest Fear"

Somewhere between light and shadow

I got confused and lost my grip.

I lost my train of thought

And I began to slip.

I reached for your hand

And felt that it wasnt there.

My eyes wide open i looked up

And couldnt see you anywhere.

My breath quickened and

In my head i went mad.

Tears falling from my eyes

Such heavy sorrow makes me sad.

You must have left me

Was all i could think.

Hanging on the edge,

Standing on the brink.

All the will i ever had

That made me want to live.

Suddenly left me when

I realized i couldnt give.

All the things you ever wanted

That lied within my heart.

All these things i cant give

Have torn us both apart.

And so now im staring

Off into the night sky.

Thinking about my life

And how im about to die.

I screamed out your name

Hoping that you would hear.

You not saving me slowly

Became, my biggest fear.

If there is one thing that

I have left to say.

Its that I love you and

We will meet again someday.

Holding out my hand

Finally letting go.

All the pain comes with me

All this pain you'll never know.

I hope that life truly

Treats you right.

So when you look at the stars

Remember thats my light.

And I am always here

Watching over things.

Making sure happiness

Is what life will bring.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written from confusion...and heart ache...dont know what else to say..-JM

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Lasohnda Harris's picture

i really like this its deep and real