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I rest

My weary soul

On a bed 

Of warm sorrows 


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When I was much younger, I

When I was much younger, I learned from two magnificent poets (both deceased), Callimachus of Alexandria (in the B.C. era) and J.V. Cunningham (who passed in 1985) that brevity is a classical talent, and that some of the greatest poems are the smallest.  I have stated my admiration for classical brevity in many comments that I have posted on postpoems; and, in this poem, the greatness is equally present.  In a few short lines, you have stated an enormously poignant emotional situation, with a huge backstory behind it, in four short lines consisting of eleven words.  Four lines; eleven words; a deep emotion expressed; and that huge backstory (which is nobody's business) implied.  In my opinion (which is tempered by almost forty-eight years of reading poetry), this is exactly the kind of poem that Callimachus and Cunningham would have applauded.  I am certainly applauding.  I am glad I did my prep, decades ago, to be able to appreciate this poem in the present moment.


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As always, your engagemnet in

As always, your engagemnet in my work (and praise!) is monumental to me. many thanks.