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Untitled Poetry

I've been waiting up

 at night

Watching the black shadows on the city 

Rising up to meet the deep blue of the late sunset

Palm trees flattened

 into these black paper fans 

Red brick fading to grey

As the light 




We were biking back on

Washington, I think 

Past the tarot reader sign 

That says "we accept ebt"

And the ringing, buzzing sound of neon 

In the liquor store window 

And the pavement, cracked 

And peppering our worn out grey tires 

With little asphalt pebbles.


In the park, where 

The shadows kept creeping closer 

To the eyeline of the lake 

And the birds, 

Beginning to roost for the night, 

Coupling off and floating on 

Lavender ripples 


Those were the moments 

Where we were together 

At the blissful twilight of my old life, 

A life that you helped me

 put away and out of mind 

And for that I'm truly grateful 

I truly am


Still, for the long night that followed 

I am left bitter 

And cynical 

Now, the buzz of electric neon signs 

Is a reminder that I can't sleep so well anymore 

The smell of alcohol 

Just reminds me of the time

Right after we were separated 

And I was alone 


I've been 

Staying up late 

Trying to keep my head 

Trying to keep these voices calm 

And happy 

And I guess 

I've been looking at the shadows of twilight 

For so long 



 the black silhouette of the trees in the park

Painted against the fading of all light 

No moon, no stars

Just a glowing blue

In the dark sky 


Might be 

The sign

Of a new dawn






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Starward's picture

Beautiful imagery, strikingly

Beautiful imagery, strikingly beautiful imagery, presented in a very conversational tone, and the triumphant flourish of the final stanza neatly concludes and justifies the whole poem.  This is excellent work, a poignant, yet very sturdy, style; and a superb reading experience.  Thank you for posting this.


[* /+/ ^]

j.d.wade's picture

Thank you for this

Thank you for this

Starward's picture

You're welcome, and I look

You're welcome, and I look forward to reading more of your very moving poetry.


[* /+/ ^]