Inspired Youth

Silence glows with anticipation of my request.

Please remain next to my heart, we are blessed.

You are everything that I ever wanted and much more.

Nightfall hides our affair from the world, passions soar.

To the future and beyond, then, I take you in my arms.

Releasing wonderful passion and emotional charms.

Do you feel my thoughts, as I am inside your symbolic frame?

Do the words you wish to say, become synonymous with my name?

That is my wish, for us to be bonded by soul and mind.

Knowing that love is what I seek and it’s with you, I will find.

Take my hand into a journey, mapped by many stars.

With each kiss, your needs are met, destiny is ours.

I feel your every caress give me daily cues.

That you’re falling deeper into my heart, I am your muse.

You make me feel, as though, I represent your fate.

In which we are lovers forever, a definite mate.

Hand in hand, conquering feat over tumultuous feat.

Honored by the glory, that we ever did meet.

I’m satisfied and truthful in my words to you.

I have been burned by time, now is my due.

You smile with bliss, willing to answer my call.

I am honored by your generosity and give you my all.

Displayed in your face is our unity of committed truth.

Our love is brought alive and given soul, by inspired youth.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for all those who have been in love, even wanting this sort of love from way  back in youth, such as "puppy love" or what have you, the feeling is still real and hopefully it will all come true.

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gentle's picture

Love's youthful passion is the greatest gift of all. It is powerful & beautiful.

You express it well.


Gentle is the night♥