In The Mirror

Once in a lifetime, desires have asked me to call you, now.

Love is at hand, one last time, for your blessings, I bow.

I am beneath your reach, looking forward to fate.

Eager to love you tonight, your wanting loins await.

Savory tastes are spawning life, with each word I speak.

Unknown to my conscious heart, you are all I seek.

Fortunes tease me with riches of no worth.

To forget you forever, denying me, our time on earth.

I need to know that you will be by my side.

Watching and protecting our interests, where passions aren’t denied.

Reaching into the night, we will suffice our cares.

Loving each other in truth, depleted of our wares.

Truly, there is nothing I can add or take away.

To make me love you any less or lose you for a day.

My thoughts are with you daily, prayers of faith.

My worries are lost with love, an amorous wraith.

Why then, do I dream and cast my love asunder?

All my attention is diverted, to a bitter spell that I’m under.

Hopefully, I will lose nothing for our romantic trial.

Love is all too sweet and I am burned with denial.

What a fool I am but no more, I am only wiser.

I give you back your heart, that you hoard as a miser.

A traitor is in our midst, through your eyes, it’s clearer.

You stare her in the face, daily, in the mirror.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem, after being hurt, betrayed really and was angry that this person could look at me with a straight face and use me, then go to another guy who would hurt her.

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gentle's picture

There is much to be said of the passions & pain in the words we write when love has ended.

This has all the elements & is beautifully written. It is refreshing to see someone take the time to actually write a complete & thorough message rather than just a few unjointed words.

It took time & effort to write this piece. Well said & well done.


Gentle is the night♥