Wishes And Dreams

My journey has ended, it has been rewarding.

I’ve learned to love, my memories, the best recording.

The dawn brings me happiness, I see you at night.

You’re not physically here,  but I see a future bright.

Time will reveal, if our departed love, was a mistake.

Love is real now, without you, my heart does ache.

I applaud your desire, to find a future of your own.

Your needs were goals, you had to achieve alone.

Years would provide me with confusion, you were never found.

I still love you and would cry to heaven, you never heard a sound.

I’m not so ignorant, to know, that you’ve married.

It’s been a learning experience, to bear the burden, I’ve carried.

My eyes are open to faith, God answers all prayer.

Even through his eyes, decisions don’t seem fair.

Nevertheless, I live with only half a heart.

You own the other half, a symbol of incomplete art.

I digress now, beating a dead horse to shame.

I will leave your life, hopefully you don’t forget my name.

I’m back in my utopia, humble and safe.

Where heartache is reality and love is my wraith.

I rest softly now, angels, sing me to sleep.

My accomplishments comfort me, even as I weep.

For now, nothing is worse than it seems.

My life is a continuous collage, of wishes and dreams.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written, shortly after I found out that the love of my life had married another, I was then told to stay out of her life. So, I cried,  realizing that if she is truly happy, all I can do is put those feelings behind me and use the emotional pain for my benefit. Such, as, writing. May we all be so lucky.

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just had to
by to
read this
piece it
inspired me
when i was depressed :*( .
it cheered me up thanks so much for it

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With all the love & emotion you have shown in your journey, one can only wish you new love, healing & a special person to share the passions, honesty & deep soul searching you have shown in all of your words.


Gentle is the night♥