Shangri La's Bed

Jasmine kisses the air tonight, as trees shade our desires.

A naked invitation, touching, caressing, passionate fires.

My love has burned for you, many lonely years.

I watched as your heart was broken, continually, I kissed your tears.

Even when you went back for more abuse and cheating.

I remained loyal, I loved you, while you endured each beating.

Sure, he found religion momentarily, God was speaking.

You fell for his lies and thought you’d found, what you’d been seeking.

Weeks would go by and you would pray for courage to leave.

To my amazement, you still loved him,  I didn’t wish to believe.

Ironically, the same night, he opened your soul, with his fists.

He blackened your beautiful eyes and split the lips I’d once kissed.

Humiliated and rejected, reality became truth.

You develop courage and grow beyond youth.

Running in the night, you are calling my name.

He is close behind, shouting accusations, placing blame.

Faster now, you have arrived at my door.

Sanctuary, granted, you’re the angel I long for.

Standing angrily, he approaches me blindly.

He proceeds to hit me and I level him so kindly.

“You aren’t welcomed demon, you’re a cad, a fool, a liar.”

“Hell is your home, embrace your well deserved pyre.”

With that said, he cried, as I shot him dead.

You’re free now, to find love, and sleep in Shangri la’s bed.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for all those women who are with abusive men and are afriad to get out, find someone who loves for you and all will work out for the best.

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Tiffany Padilla's picture

i love everything about this poem. especially its title

poetvg's picture

i love this
poem well done
on this one :*) .

gentle's picture

This poetry is straight from the heart & the soul. It is open, fresh & real.

You have a wonderful flair for words that carry the emotions that many cannot express & you say them with a style that is both intense & thorough.

Again, well done.


Gentle is the night♥