Empty Words

Many memories have been lost, I’ve wished to hold you tightly.

Never to forsake you, giving all my love to you, nightly.

There were times I would watch you sleep, only to see your face.

You were so full of dreams, I didn’t deserve you, I had a place.

You loved me, that’s all I’ve ever wanted or needed.

Your encouragement was a godsend, with your confidence, I succeeded.

Days would pass, I cherished each and every kiss.

You challenged my intellect with awe, we professed eternal bliss.

In your past, you were used as a transitional belle.

It was then, I would love you dearly, protecting you well.

You didn’t deserve that, I was to take you away.

I wanted to give you a home, a loving place to stay.

For a while, we were happy, lovers, friends, mates.

Once day, you differed, no reason, opening heaven’s gates.

My angel was fleeing, you didn’t love me, I was lost.

Without you, I became incomplete with a great emotional cost.

Crying never brought you back, it only gave you a reason to cheer.

You were rid of me, I was your stepping stone, your fear.

Wishing, never made it true, that you would hold me.

My love became your resentment, you used it, to scold me.

Words have never described, how that made me feel.

I was filed away in your subconscious, trodden under heel.

You laughed, you smiled, I was your vengeful joke.

Now I am empty, as the loving words you spoke.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written for those fake men /women who only want to use someone, in order to hurt them, all because he/she was hurt. In turn, for one's kindness these people treat them badly and stay with ones who abuse them, this is for those false people.

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Ashley Alafberg's picture

This is a beautiful piece of work here. your descriptions of how those certain people use and abuse their loving relationships for past hurts is written so wonderfully. I especially like the last line, awesome work!!

Kyle Roberts's picture

Wow, this says alot, full of lots of emotion. Man, I'm glad there are actually good poets on here, this is really good. You should have it published if you already havent. And thx for stopping by, read more if you're interested. Good work..truelly.