The Path Of The Sun

Cutting into my being, is the love that I hold for you.

When you are ready to accept this gift, say, "I do."

I sometimes look to the future, with a joyous hope.

For memories pain my heart to love you, so I cope.

Dealing with another's arms across your heart, daily hurts me.

I wish that it were me, yet, for now, my fantasy deserts me.

I know that someday, you will faithfully return.

I grow stronger, daily, but it is for your love, I yearn.

"Someday...someday.." I constantly mumble.

My love for you, weakens my soul to be humble.

Let this be the woman that I desire to wed.

Patience leaves me empty and left guessing instead.

"When wil she return?" to God, I earnestly ask.

He merely sends me away, to complete another task.

Sill, I wonder if my love will be nothing but vain.

Then God comforts me, as my tears fall like rain.

I dont understand why I am daily followed by this cloud.

Perhaps it is to be joined by you and be heavenly endowed.

Although I vaguely believe that this affair is true.

My heart weakens more and I'm falling deeper in love with you.

I dare not request to hold you in my arms.

For you've denied your passion and refused my charms.

And so, I wait for the day to be finally joined as one.

Meanwhile, I look ahead and follow the path of the sun.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this shortly after my girlfriend left me. I suppose that all I had was my faith then, because she took my heart with her. I loved her (and always will), but I had to put it in God's hands.

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gentle's picture

Beaking up & being left behind is always an emotional journey. It does open up the doors for some very beautiful poetry, straight from the heart.

Amy Riberdy

Gentle is the night♥

Amber Levering's picture

that seems devastating on so many levels i like it alot

Sexy Slut's picture

sweet poem

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

Very heartfelt piece.I can relate to it and I remember whenI was in college many years ago engaged to one I thought would always be there then left by cheating and getting one of my friends pregnant well,yeah I remember it well. Still life went on and though there were other relationships you never forget the one that first touched your heart that deeply. The man I am with reminds me daily just by his being that these past relationships were but lessons before I really met the man of my dreams but he's not a dream he's very real and the most wonderful man in the world..

ultimprv's picture

and so shall you find that which you seek
as long as you follow that path
and know that the sun's heat playeth
tricks on mind's eye
you will find her; she may not wear the skin
you deemed your loves journeyed end
you will realize - she was always waiting
it was you that left only to return
now ready to wed