God's Gifts Are Never Late

Where is fantasia? It is a dead issue, I am afraid.

There are to many charletans, I'm ill of the games that are being played.

Each mischievous belle, plans a plot to execute.

Where is the compromise, it is grounds for dispute.

"Oh", she says, "I must make him pay for the mistakes of my past."

Of course, my heart is broken, it wasn't meant to last.

Does she laugh with revenge, that her heart is spitefully smothered?

Shall I wish for a steady love, to see that my affections are mothered?

I doubt, for she has shown her face and laughed with greed.

My arms reach to hold her, but she is blinded by her own need.

She possesses power over my fragile, juvenile heart.

The cunning of her deceitful breath, steals my kiss and wishes to depart.

Oh, that hateful jest, angers me enough to kill!

My demeanor remains composed and breaks my heart, enough to will.

I move on, seeing only the beauty which awaits my embrace.

She is always in my dreams, but I can't taste her kiss or see her face.

I toss a coin in the fountain of fate, desiring the love I earn.

The ripples of karma's water tear away my soul, causing the pain to burn.

It does subside at times, as I compose the tune of a mature man.

The love of a woman is welcomed, but her moral foundation must stand.

Until then, my dreams will pattern Venus across many stars.

Hopefully, those stars will unite someday, to heal my lonely scars.

Sometimes, I cry, but I must laugh in the face of fate.

I must not be broken, I must stay strong, because God's gifts are never late.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written as a testament to my faith. I was angry for the way my heart was broken and I realized that God would answer my prayer someday and give me the woman who truly loves me.

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mar's picture

I read this poem a while ago, but at the time did not know what to say... It got stuck in my head. It is very well written, I wish I could write so sophisticated as shown in this poem. It is nice... It caugh me,... it is like....wow

Sexy Slut's picture

nice job with this one it's reel good

lonelymemories's picture

I ust read this poem and it kind of shocked me at first because my middle name is Fantasia, and the more I read it, the more it seemed to be me as if it was meant for me to read...For alot of what waw said is how I have felt and now I truly see taht I just need tow ait, for you are right, all of gods gifts are always on time...Thank you, this is a very beautiful pice of writting...