A Wonderful Story

The mystery of your beauty, intrigues my curiosity to pause.

I can see a lovely woman before my eyes, an answer to my cause.

This angel of heaven, has crossed my path another time before.

You can only be a dream, which makes me want you more.

Shall I confess of my love to this goddess, which sings angels to sleep?

Perhaps the love must live within me, therefore, I will silently weep.

I wish that our destinies could've crossed, over another span.

My life might have been to love you, now, I never can.

This foolish heart has painted a picture that is, but, worthless art.

I could've displayed it, in the gallery of love, but now, it must be torn apart.

Still I wonder, where is this beauty who stole my heart for a day.

She was only a dream, who, when I awoke, had run away.

Once again, mischievous Cupid has sent his arrow twain.

For love gave me a wonderful gift, that wasn't for my gain.

My thoughts can reveal her passion, but only for a night.

Tomorrow, I must look to reality and continue with love's fight.

Her warm smile will always remain a gift of delightful pleasure.

Her sincerity will be written on my heart, as a priceless treasure.

My voice may speak her name, but only in a prayer.

It puzzles me to admire her so much, yet, I genuinely care.

I still feel the warm love, which was displayed in her eyes.

She will always be a blessing to receive and an even greater prize.

Someday I can only hope to be united with such beauty and glory.

Her presence is a dream come true and to love her, is a wonderful story.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for a friend of mine, who I hadn't seen in four years. When I saw her after that, it was at her cousin's wedding who introduced us and she grew into a beautiful young woman and made quite an impression on me.

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I do believe that Lord Byron would be proud of the romantic style you display in this wonderful piece. With your imagery you allow us to easliy follow your heart & emotions.


Gentle is the night♥

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Beautiful poem man

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hey that is a very sweet poem

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i like this poem....i can some wat relate to this poem...loving someone who don't love me back...my first love actually and my best friend i love him and he doesn't love me back...that's some meaning i gather from this poem like it's saying you love someone that doesn't feel the same as you. i always say love suxs......if it's you or your friend that has feelings for the girl then you or the friend should tell her...i told dylan and we're still friend even though i wanna be more. sorry if i got the wrong meaning to the poem.