Kisses In The Wind

As I hold you in my heart, my love for you grows strong.

We met for a brief moment in time, yet knew for so long.

Friendship never dies, but gives a deadly dose.

For one may love another, yet the other is not so close.

Many moments we laughed and experiences we shared.

Yet, I could never tell you how much I really cared.

I love the way you smile when you tell a joke.

I adored the sweet happiness in your voice when you spoke.

We laughed at many things, yet never spoke a word.

I cherished your presence, even though our voices were never heard.

Intellect speaks so clearly, but emotions set the pace.

I wanted to hold you in my arms, but truth I could not face.

We are from two different worlds, yet live in the same time.

Your poetry is intellect and my words come in rhyme.

However, our paths crossed for some reason.

Be it for unspoken romance or company in a season.

I looked to the sky for an answer to my prayer.

Does God deny my request or should I really care?

Can I hold you and fight the tears away?

I wished to say I loved you, but never saw the day.

So now, as you look into your future and I look to fact.

I wish you all the best, but please dont look back.

For many stars will shine with the message that I send.

Look to Orion for my love as I blow kisses in the wind.

Copyright ©2004 Carlos A. Cook






Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written shortly after my heart was broken. I was dating this girl and we went to a baseball game together, afterwards, I walked her home and asked her, if I could kiss her goodnight, she turned me down. She also told me that she really didnt feel that way about me. I ws crushed and cried all that night. However, at the time this poem was supposed to be a song for a friend of mine for his upcoming album, I decided to keep it for myself.

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poetvg's picture

i truly
do amdire
this poem
u put alot
of hard
work into it :*)

Makezela's picture

I think this is cool too, so how did it turn out with the girl. ever got that kiss with her? sorry ur heart was broken, i guess its mended now.If not, "His Touch" will do exactly that.

Karyn Indursky's picture

I don't really see this poem as a song. I don't where the chorus would be or anything, but it has a blues feel to it. I know you think being turned down for a kiss is the worst thing ever, but there are worse things. For instance, I've kissed guys that don't kiss back or they kiss bad. I've also been in love with guys that don't love you back and that hurts a lot more than a little crush on someone or having them deny you the right to kiss them. Right now I have a son who's father won't call or contact me about having a son. That bothers me more than a little turn down for a kiss. So, try to keep your chin up and realize things could be worse. On the flip side, things could and can get better. I'm sure the right woman for you is out there. You just have to keep your faith and dreams alive. Good luck!

Sexy Slut's picture

great poem dude