The pawns of life can make one of two choices.

Whether to decide for themselves or listen to others' voices.

Yet with each move there is a chance of it being fatal.

Should we choose on impulse or can we be pre-natal?

For the queen of love moves in every direction.

This is to ensure our best interests and provide protection.

As the king of emotion looks on, he knows it is true.

The queen is emotionally stable and lovely to view.

As the rooks miss a move, the bishops will be there.

To right that which is wrong and decide what is fair.

As he forgives many wrongs that will come along in life.

The wise king is noble to cling to his wife.

The knights oversee the unity and acknowledge it as bliss.

If the rooks and bishops are absent, the knights will never miss.

He is a true friend and will die for the royal pair.

Respect is overwhelming aand they love a friend who cares.

Yet, with all these friends, our royal pair can surely stumble.

One false move can cause our lovers to crumble.

If this should happen, it will be an unfortunate date.

For the marriage will shatter due to checkmate.

Copyright ©2004 Carlos A. Cook

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem, shortly after the love of my life, left me. She decided that she really didnt feel the way I did, a day after assuring me that she would never leave me. I loved her more than life and still hold her in my heart, even though we have not seen each other in years

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Kristen Zeiler's picture

A witty take on a deep subject. I like it!

Sexy Slut's picture

Very interesting piece