Years In The Making

Sitting alone with my thoughts, contemplating.

Why my love is strong for you, as you continue hating.

I’ve looked deep into your eyes, you are afraid.

That my admiration is false, your kindness, won’t be repaid.

My assurance is revealed, through soft kisses and caresses.

Our love can only get stronger, if we both agree, as God


You shy away, it has been time between heartbreaks.

My heart broke with you, without you, my heart aches.

Still, you ignore me, though my actions warrant otherwise.

I only want to protect you from your past and other men’s lies.

A smile shyly emerges from undeserved tears.

You speak with devotion, faith, and honesty, music to my ears.

Running to me, I never want to leave you, desiring to be whole.

I am your comforter now, easing your pain, with my soul.

It won’t be easy, trust will be daily earned.

We will heal each other’s hearts, and provide desires yearned.

Midnight strikes, as I lay you down in a separate bed.

I close the door to dream, and release us from dread.

The night becomes clouded, with scents of sex in the air.

It’s early morn, your silhouette, in my doorway, wanted savoir-faire.

We are overcome, I run to hold you against the wall.

Each thrust of ecstasy, brings us to climax, we are destined to fall.

We kiss passionately, I’m inside you, it’s all breathtaking.

We care not, this experience has been years in the making.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When you love someone, even though it seems grim that they would never love you, tell them your feelings, it will always work for your benefit.

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i would
say good work
on this

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

this sounds to me like a relationship a second time around with a better partner. If so I can relate because I'm in that position and the world is far better then I ever imagined. I have the perfect guy who is a man's man yet not a bully, a romantic,one with high ethics and morals and treats me like everything I ever dreamed could be..