Undivided Team

Moonlight rivers glow with anticipation of romance.

Walking with a stunning beauty, awaiting a dance.

Take my hand, love, our cares to the wind.

Our kiss unites our passion, a splendid blend.

Those eyes can melt the coldest hearts, with one glare.

Her touch has amended my demons and proven prayer.

I want her beside me, in my times of need.

I am inspired to become great and emotionally freed.

Her presence lights a room, with glamour and style.

At times, when we are together, I can only smile.

My devotion to her is omnipotent and without question.

I could never dishonor or defile her, perish the suggestion.

I see that her eyes love me for all of her days.

I am grateful for her sentiment and honor her praise.

A remarkable woman is worthy of all I can give.

She is a saint redeeming a sinner, for her, I'm honored to live.

As days go by, she continues with amazing grace.

To make her mark in life and keep a joyful face.

I admire that, an example, I would love to share.

For anyone who longs for success to finally take a dare.

She will always be behind me, making me a better man.

I support her endeavors, the best that I can.

Knowing that we will one day, accomplish our dream.

Being together as one, an undivided team.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this after a dream I had of the "perfect woman". Of course, there is no such thing, as there is no perfect man, however, when 2 people are together and in love, they in essence, become a team. There is nothing, that should divide them and nothing that should sway them, not even themselves.

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aww, that was beatiful, i love it, thanks for the comment

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All of ur poems are really stunning. I'm becoming a fan of ur work.