The fallen

Hear with amazing tenderness did she fall.
In weeds, roses and sunflowers she lies.
Her hands cold as a wet dungeon floor.
It’s as dark and cold as if the devil was were standing next to her.
No light. No warmth.
Leaches pealing her skin like no other.
But soon after a dove comes with wings bright as the morning sky.
No more darkness
No more evil
Just a warm blanket of light soothing the atmosphere.
Roses white as angels
Sunflowers shining like the sun
And weeds transforming into blossoms
She’s finally at peace

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem is about a girl who dies with a bunch of dark feelings she never got to express, but after she dies she goes and finds peace and forgets all about the dark feeling she felt and her life she left behind

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this was amazzing . it took

this was amazzing . it took my breath away..

Just Smile :D