Ponderings 5


I am alone here in the corner with a couple of shadows, a knife and a final meal. A band around my arm is one of the few things to attract me. The knife on the floor sits shut with a dull blade. The slop they gave me appears to be moving. The shadows are closing in on me and taunting me. It's too loud and I can't think straight. I shout, " Please!"

It all stops.

Glancing over at the locked door I see the window open. A voice calls, "Tray." I throw the damn thing at the door, but it didn't exactly go through the hole. I laugh. The window shuts. Privacy.

A shadow comes to talk with me as I stare upon him.

He walks away.

So what! I have my band, my arm and my knife! Opening the knife I get a little bored. Which one? Closing my eyes... I take a stab.

I laugh.

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