Ponderings 1


That night was a Saturday night. One of those dead nights when your neighbor is doing her laundry, and you're drinking tea watching SNL.

A night covered with reality. Yes... out the window people and speed machines; the ambient liht from an all-night coffee shop shines upon the street. Yeah... maybe I'm wearing a green beret, but to each her own right? It was then that I noticed the guy watching us. Which guy? the one behind you in the shadows with the yellow eyes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The "Ponderings" set is just a bunch of spewing from the brain.

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David Harris's picture

This mixes the mundane and the surreal very well. This was an intriguing and pleasant read. It gives lots of room for the reader's imagination to play- I wonder what the yellow-eyed dude is up to and if he'll appear in future Ponderings...I'll stay tuned.