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It was about 2:00 in the afternoon. Pm, you know? And this really old guy, in venice was walking down the road. He kept saying "where the hell is my cane?" until he was hit by a very fast boat taxi thing. You know, water roads and all. Then this really old lady, sitting in one of those boat taxis, got out, and walked into the city, yelling "where is my umbrella?" over and over. So someone finally bought her an umbrella, handed it to her, and told her to shut up. Can it, you know? So the old lady just stares at the umbrella. Then she starts yelling "what da hell ees dees? Dees ees not my umbrella! My umbrella ees a boy!". So the point of the story is that Jesus time travelled to Venice. Think about it.

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Do you get it?

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Two things. Firstly, many of us Canadians, yeah, if we're Christian, we can believe Jesus walked on water. ... We just figure it was probably winter at the time. Secondly, as for this whole woman with the umbrella being turned into a boy, I assume you didn't mean this, but I figured this out. Jesus, besides walking on water among very many other things, turned water into wine. An umbrella is meant to stop rain, i.e. water, from soaking you. And a little boy is most likely goign to whine about something he doesn't have or something he wants, etc. So there you have it. He turned water into w(h)ine. He he he. Clever, yes? Methinks, you might be interested in checking out my thought on Hell, and "Mosquito Limbo" in my rants folder.

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good point graeme and nikki you do not
you only get it coz he siad that before you :P pleuuu to you


and how can you think poeple will get it if you make him an umbrella? you are wierd
but I love you anyhows

Much Love


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As it should.

running_with_rabbits's picture

yes but the whole woman and the unmbrella it throws ya off

Much Love


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I get it and it is so funny!!!!!!!!
love it i'll read it again


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Jesus walked on water...

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I don't get it