Have to Write

It's one of those nights

When you don't know what to write

but you know that you have to write something

because you are feeling a million different emotions

but you've written about all of them already

but how do you let people know you are still feeling the same way?

I have to write, I have to say things that need to be said

I have to have people know

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Crystal Hecklinger's picture

omg, i totally know what you mean in this poem.... i thought no one knew how it felt..im wrong

Allison Carr's picture

my sentiments exactly.... jack, do you KNOW how much i love to read your writing? let me tell you: i check your portfolio pretty much once a day to see if you have anything new (pardon the bad reference to "new") so that i may feast my brain on your delicious wordsmithing. i do so love this, and feel this often. in fact i have an entire notebook, mostly filled with crap, of just babble so that i can get all those thoughts OUT. then later, i go back and find the poems in them. kinda fun. allison