So, you're just going to drop me, just like a piece of coal because your make-shift diamond told you so.

Your eyes are closed and your ears are swollen, the truth burns you so you drink all of the lies.

Will I take you back into my arms? Or will I leave you and hurt you like you did me. Either way, I lose.

I would never want to hurt you, I would never want to drag you through the mud, I would never hate you, because I only know how to love.

Whether you forgive me or forget me, I'll still hold onto the regrets, whether you can trust me or would rather leave me, I'll let you consider but I have my bets.

You said that I take and that I never give enough, you said that things will never be the same but you'll still come to my funeral?

So, you'll be there when I'm gone and can't see you, you'll be there when my thoughts truly matter, because the living hate and the dead only matter for about a year, right? I hope that they let you read this when I'm gone so that maybe you'll see the way that you hurt me.

You said that what I did was unforgivable, but you're the one who used me, I fought and dropped with no one to pick me back up and dust off my back.

I'm learning your nature now, selfish and motivated with desires that are temporary, you had to drop me before you actually got attached huh? Just like everyone else that you said "left you". This isn't wrong of me, this is how I feel, and I feel betrayed and useless because of a coward that can't control or console his cardinal sins.

You broke me beyond reparation, and I can't heed anyone's consolation, you deprived me of being in a blissful station, I've come to realize that this truly is a dog eat dog world for domination, and right now you've forced my hand, I need to survive, and in order to do that I need to get away from you, because how the hell am I supposed to fix something that started off broken? Why am I even asking you that, you never have the answer because you never cared, what's worse is that you seek an answer for my rhetoric's, you look and never find, you listen but never hear, you grasp but you cannot feel.

Get out of my life... You monster.

Thank you, for opening my eyes, now leave.

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Angry rant #2

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