Marty, The Stop & Shop Robot

there are many reasons...


solve the puzzle


R.I.P "Marty"


temper tantrum


he is caught off guard


Venus Beach frisbee way out of reach;


my heart as to remove the proper skill


we need each friend to find the robot;


reaching into dream relax,


an attempt to be brought all to theme condition


The Death of the robot Marty


Hey..hey get out of the way


he was shot in the head


there was reason to copy the things in my head


buried beneath a cabbage leaf


peal out of the blank page being cause to react


learn to check your precious steps


he crossed the ancient nearby smile,


learn to handle to the trip marked forever




The Death Of Marty the robot


that day they took Marty in the back room,


shelter lies dormant onto its beckoning


long for better days being caught off guard


that was the last day I seen it


that is the robot without the basics,


roaming the aisles,


we all know what or wear the stand


simple things beneath the squeeky wheel


trust in the culture...paint te in its scroll


before the crash that was given the same treatment


He was knocked off its mechanical proverbial blast...


everyday we are being forced to snuggle with wires to boot


my eyes have see the glory


back from the dead