The Love of a Broken Heart

I saw your cast down eyes,

Knew in an instant,

You would succumb easily

To my lies.

Yes, soft words of love,

Work every time,

It was so easy, to break those walls

And make you mine.

Your heart was putty

In my hands,

Promises never to keep,

Home, family, land.

Eternally yours….what a joke.

With all the women out there

To lift there hopes,

You must take me for a dope.

Don’t try to hold me,

I will take my leave.

You are free now my dear,

Your soul may now grieve.

I have stripped you of expectations,

I have freed you of your chains,

You can now prey on inhibitions,

There is ecstasy in pain.

Take a heart and crush it as I did you,

You find exhilaration in being cruel.

Come to the dark side and play for me,

Then and only then will you know what it is to be free.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A response poem to Linda Newman's I Wonder. This one is totally out of character for me and comes from the dark side. Linda, I pray not to offend.

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