How Could I

I have been down this road before,

Just on the receiving end.

How could I do this to my family,

My wife and best friend?

I feel there was a big hole a

big empty void in my life.

Tho I have it all: nice house,

Car, Job, and wonderful wife.

I am trapped by the chains

of wanting more,

What more? I don’t know what it is

So I continue to whore.

I love my wife and kids,

What made me do what I did?

I ask myself, “Is there anything more?”

“What am I doing this for?”

I know this behavior will cost me all,

But like lemmings drawn to the sea

I am running towards that fall.

Oh woe, woe is me!

God, I have no one to turn to,

I have disappointed my family,

My wife is confused and aloof,

All I have is you.

Please God, help me make this right.

I can’t do it alone, try as I might.

I will never, ever do this again,

I know all too well about the pain.

Her forgiveness, now I will seek,

This a lesson no need to ponder.

Never again will I be weak,

I am home where I should be

Never again to wander.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Judy (snowmansmom) has written are response to this poem titled How Could You

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