Place You Fear To Look

I ride on the memories that you fear,

Brandishing them as weapons to bring tears.

They cut deeply like a knife,

Those forgotten moments of your life.

They are the things you wish you had done,

But now the opportunity is gone.

The goodbyes you will never say,

For that one has passed away.

They are the loved ones that are no more,

Making you shiver and cry at their door.

They are the trips to the graveyard, barren and desolate,

That chokes you up and quickens your heart rate.

You want to turn and flee,

But are glued to the spot to face me.

Then like a scythe, the blade will slew,

The memories return to face you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

That crazy muse, have no clue what this was all about.

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