Still dark night,

Silver hair reflecting starlight,

Together, in each other’s arms,

With only our love to keep us warm.

We wait quietly

For death’s cold hand,

To come and free us

From this land.

I gaze into your faded eyes,

As I kiss your soft lips.

Our breath slips away

In soft raspy sighs,

Away our souls slips.

In the morn we see

Them find our empty shells,

But, now our souls are free,

To soar over hill and dells.

Once more we look into each others eyes,

Youthful once more, no pain, ready to fly.

I take my love by the hand,

And we fly onward to glory land.

Don’t mourn our passing but rejoice,

We are home now, by choice.

In his bosom we will stay,

And that you join us on your appointed day,

Is what we will pray.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just had to write this one.

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