death you old devil you

coming to pay us a visit

taking one of your own home

Monday we will finally close the book

on the Oklahoma bombing

and the man that caused

a most horrific and cowardly act

against his own people

killing so many innocent souls

ruining the lives of countless faces

people we see each time we hear about you

women, men and children

some being carried, some walking dazed

others laying dead in the rubble

to be found on another day

missing for ever the point

of such a senseless and voilent crime

may the grime reaper take you home

may we never have to see your face or hear your name

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I will not mention the name of this man.....

I am sure that anyone in the world knows who he is......

may the victims that are left be able to finally put this behind them......

never forgetting their loved ones lost to them forever

but start to build a new place in this world.....

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