she sits in the shadows

her voice rings truth

opinons, oh does she have some of those,

she will do anything to help if you want it

all she asks is don't waste her time

words to those that have touched her

notes of an instrument can conjour up old images

strong enough to bring on tears, laughs, and even fear

she writes only when moved to do so

the words are just borrowed

given in hopes that some of them might spark the mind

there is no rhyme or reason to her madness

she is what she writes, she writes what she is

she hates it if you don't like it

what you see is most definitely what you get

the good, the bad and the uglest of ugly

she can be cold like an iceberg

or hot as fresh molton lava

she is moved by a good human interest story

true crime something she follows closely

she does not like to let others get close

but if she lets the wall down long enough

jump in and buckle up for the ride of your life

this is something that I feel someone might need to know about me maybe before reading my work..... I hear things in a sometimes very different way than what some might call normal people.... but then I sit and ponder on that for a while..... what to them is normal... do you know what that is...... I am not sure that I do.... and I have a good feeling that I don't want to know.....

with the world so quick to push Valium and Ridlin..... I hope that you will read something that will make you feel the complete emotional ride.... sit back ..... pick one.... if you feel like it let me know what you thought..... always remembering that I have been called.......eccentric..... and I would have to say that I would accept that.... and as a compliment.... deviating from the accepted or customary character, practice,etc.: unconventional... yep that is me alright.....

I have also been called eclectic.....not following any one system..... yep that is me also.....

what I guess I am trying to say.... if you choose to read some of the things I have posted here..... then all I ask is that you remember that I am just alittle out there...... LOL... not really but you know what I mean.....

have a nice time... welcome to my poetry... may you find something that suits you.... if you are looking for sad, funny, dark, tributes, pain and sorrow.... etc.... well dive in... there is something here for you......

take your time.... should you choose to not stop in and say hello.... let me take this time to say thank you for reading.....

may you have all that you ever dreamed of......


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Danielle Edwards's picture

Renee, you killing me dammit. You make me wanna put down my book and pen. I loved this so. I saw myself and my bestfriend so much in it. Damn you!!! lol. Great work.

Ross H. Bruce's picture

And your poetry touches my heart (cliche but it's true). ross;)

Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee That was such a great read..... a good idea as well. Yes, and although I don't know you personally, only through your poetry.... what you have described here in this poem rings out so true. You are truly one of a kind Renee... and such a pleasure to know through poetry! Thanks for sharing this with us... I enjoyed it alot. Roz :)

Robert  LaFountain's picture

yep....that sums you up in a medium nutshell. you are all the poem describes and more. for those of you in poetry land here at postpoems, take sometimeto read this lady's poetry and you will find laughter, joy, tears and heartache. Renee' certainly runs the gamut when it comes to her emotions and her poetry truly conveys what she is experiencing at any one instant. Take my word for it. As she says at the end '...may you have all that you ever dreamed of' I do, I share a life with this lady of eccentric , eclectic and varied experiences. I love you Renee'. This poem sums you up quite nicely. Goldeneagle