God gave me a sister

her love is so true

she writes with passion

soul of a poet comes through

words captured on paper

oh what tears they can bring

her boys, my nephews

they make her complete

she was put on this earth

to be a mother and wife

she works hard at all she does

giving a hundred and fifty percent

handles what ever life has to offer

taking it all in stride

never complaining that it's too tough

she is a wonder woman

I use to think that she hated me

but now I see she really cares

she always has a kind word for me

I try to help her though miles away

I send her loving thoughts and prayers

each and every single day

I love her with all I am

she gives me her smile when I need one

her heart is made of God's gold

nothing ever seems to get her down

she has alot going on in her life right now

but she still seems to have time to wish me well

Meg this is for you sis

it might have seemed to take a while

but we are for sure family

I look at you not as a sis in law

but as a sister given to me in love

my brother pick the prize when he picked you

may you have all that you could ever want or need

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have the greatest sister in law that anyone could ever ask for....

I love ya Meg.... and as you have told me ... I am only a click away....

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